The Law Offices of Michael S. Daoudi, PC is dedicated to handling the civil litigation of cases involving discrimination and unfair labor practices toward individuals. Our practice involved representing individuals in discrimination actions (sex, race, color, harassment, national origin, religion, age and disability), unfair labor practices (denial of wages, overtime and equal pay), denial of leave (Family Medical Leave Act) or being retaliated against for asserting your rights.

Unfair or discriminating labor practices against employees can occur in many ways: not hired, not promoted, denied equal pay for equal work, harassed on the job, subjected to inappropriate jokes or inappropriate touching, discharges, not paid wages or overtime, denied of leave, and denied the opportunity to work in an environment free of harassment and retaliation.

A claim for Wrongful Discharge surrounds an at-will employee's cause of action against his former employer, alleging that his or her discharge was in violation of either state or federal anti-discrimination laws, public policy, an express or implied contract or an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Normally, an employer may terminate the employment relationship of an at-will employee, for any reason. The at-will employment relationship has no specific duration and such relationship may be terminated, at the will of either the employer or the employee, for or without any cause. However, the employer cannot fire an employee if there is an employment contract where the terms and conditions of employment are provided. The employer also cannot fire an employee, if the employer expressly or impliedly promised not to do so under certain conditions or circumstances, which can be proven. Finally, the employer cannot engage in a pattern or practice of discriminatory behavior, based upon an employees age, sex, race, national origin or religion or based upon an employees disability. Such actions may violate either state or federal anti-discrimination laws, for which legal remedies are provided.